Thursday, September 23, 2010

From INDIE to A-list

Well isn't this exciting

My first official fashion blog posting! Now, first things first, I must discuss this month's issue of Vogue with cover girl Carey Mulligan Hollywood's "dazzling new star".  According to Vogue magazine she has gone from "Indie to A-list" but unlike other famous actresses, her success hasn't gone to her head.. at least not yet. I loved her in "An education" and adored her in this month's issue of vogue so without further a do - here are some highlights! Enjoy!

Carey's Red Carpet Style:

 And finally here are some photos from the film "An Education". Simply to die for!

Song recommendation of the week: Cupid Shoot Me

that's all for now.

                                                                beware cuz glitter bites

xoxo em.

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